Are You Single and Lonely?

Worry No More… Do you have a relationship you’d describe as electrifying? Do you even have a relationship? Are you single and worry about ever finding a hot lady or “Mr Right” yet alone just a lady or a guy?
I know how much it sucks. If you’re single, maybe it sucks for you because:
Your partner you once loved has left
Your friends have a partner and you don’t
You don’t think you’re good enough for someone else to love you
You wonder whether you’ll ever find a beautiful lady or “Mr Right”
I know how much it really sucks to feel these depressing emotions. It hurts. I understand it is miserable being alone when you could be having fun with someone who loves you.
In past newsletters I’ve discussed some techniques used to build attraction.
These are techniques YOU can use to make another person feel more attracted towards you.
Did you get that?
What this means for you is how YOU communicate verbally and non-verbally determines your attractiveness.
It isn’t about looking more attractive. Rather, it is being perceived attractive through your communication.
Someone who communicates confidence non-verbally does appear more attractive to everyone else…
…But good confidence is just one area that can build attraction.
Maybe you’re wondering is attraction in the words you say?
You bet, but attraction is more then canned words. If words were enough to make someone love you then it’d be just a matter of memorizing a script.
You and I know something goes on much deeper.
There’s a problem though. What actually goes on?
What is the chemistry an exciting couple experience that gets them so turned-on to one another?
People have a hard time of explaining what this whole “firey-emotions” thing a couple feels is. They call it “love”, “attraction”, “love at first sight” but can’t explain what happens…
…But, can you see how this relates to communication?
People who don’t learn communication don’t understand why they argue with people.
People who don’t learn communication don’t understand why their emotions are bottled up inside.
People who don’t learn communication don’t understand why a family member would start yelling at him/her.
Those who don’t learn attraction communication don’t understand why an exciting couple experience such a sizzle in their relationship and are attracted to one another like two strong magnets.
I have a friend who goes to university and his face looks like its been run over by a car. He isn’t a good looking bloke yet I always see him with at least one lovely lady…sometimes five.
I don’t care how he looks, he might be insecure in how he looks, but do you think the groups of lovely women that are always around him care about his looks?
I seriously doubt it. Groups of guys and girls hang around the opposite sex because they want to be around them.
If the girls found my friend’s looks that repulsive they wouldn’t be around him in the first place.
Okay, so his face looks like its been run over by a car. The chicks dig him. What is he doing differently to you?
Why don’t you have guys or girls following you?
Why don’t you have the opposite sex begging for your attention?
Are you using the lie that you are not good looking enough?
Let me repeat so you understand because you must GET THIS.
My friend with the face that looks like it was run over by a car has the skills to effectively communicate attraction to the women around him.
This is why my friend will never have a problem in being single. He knows how attraction works.
Heck, I enjoy being around this guy because he’s great to talk to. If I was a woman (HOPEFULLY NEVER!), I can see why they are attracted to him.
This shows you the power of being able to communicate attraction.
When you know the skills and how to apply them, people enjoy being around you. They become attracted to your personality.
Your personality and conversational style become a people magnet.
I guarantee you will appear more attractive to others by knowing how to communicate attraction.
So, as you imagine how your life will change with the opposite sex by discovering attraction skills, think of what you will be able to do:
You will have the opposite sex begging for your attention
You will have the opposite sex crawling over you
Your friends will be begging to know your secrets as attraction will be a mystery to them
You’ll stop drowning in misery over being alone and single
You will no longer be afraid of talking to a sexy girl or nice guy
What other possibilities have you imagined?
Feel what it will be like to have a partner hungry for you.
This is all possible.
It is about developing the communication skills to build attraction.
I’ve got great news for you today, AT LAST, you will be able to develop attraction building skills to “pull in” someone you want like a magnet pulling in metal. It’s all about communicating attraction.
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