Pluses and minuses of dating online

To get 5-10 phones from interesting girls or boys online each day is possible. The main thrill is that you can meet 5-10 girls at a time in one day. You can choose, hone your skills of flirting and evaluate her appearance. And this can be repeated every day until you find the one or several girls that really interest you.

Why dating on the internet helps and distracts?

It is easier to interest a girl when you online if you are not really experienced in the real dating skills. She does not see your gestures and your facial expressions – only photos, smiles, and messages. However, non-verbal things are very important when you meet someone in a real life. This is exactly what girls pay attention to And here you can immediately use your strengths.

Anyway, there are still three main disadvantages to dating online. First, it is more difficult to interest the girl, if you are experienced in the communication offline. Secondly, you cannot see your opponent in the right away. As a rule, when actually meeting a girl, she is much shorter, fuller and smokes. This is such a standard set of beauty from the Internet. For her, it is also much easier to hide behind the profile on social networks. Therefore, do not build illusions and be ready for different outcomes of your meeting. The third disadvantage is that you cannot hear her voice. There are guys for whom it is very important. Thereby, do not delay this moment and immediately take her phone number.