Speed Dating

It’s important to use multiple techniques to meet women, and you will find some that are perfect for you. One way of meeting lots of new single people quickly is speed dating. It’s a great way to get a girlfriend.

Everybody should give speed dating a try. It’s especially great if you are very shy. Even if you are shy, you probably have no problem ordering food from a cute waitress. Imagine lots of cute waitresses who are easy to talk to, they want to talk to you, and they are single.

In a typical speed dating event, you will meet a number of women and talk to each of them for usually 3 to 8 minutes, hopefully asking good questions. You’ll like some and some may not be so interesting.

At the end of the event, you specify to the sponsor which women you’d like to meet again and so do they. Where ever there is a match, you are sent each others’ contact information so you can get together again. You never exchange contact information directly, reducing any pressure or anxiety. It’s that simple.

Usually there will be exactly the same number of men and women, and the sponsor takes care of that. Speed dating events are set up by age. Usually the men and women are in the same age brackets, although there are some events that specifically pair older men with younger women.

If you are interested in women 30 years younger than you, speed dating probably won’t do it, but 10 to 15+ is definitely possible. My friend Mike often goes to speed dating events for younger people. For example, if there are events for 25-38 year olds and 39-55 year olds, Mike, who is 40, purposely goes to the one for younger people.  No one has ever objected or checked his ID!

There are also some speed dating events are less formal than the ones we just described, and strive for a roughly 50-50 mix of men and women in a party atmosphere, often at a bar or restaurant. There are general speed dating events as well as ones for certain groups, such as Christians, Jews, polyamorists, and graduate students.

So how do you find speed dating events? Look online. Google terms like «speed dating». In a big city you will usually find a lot, especially in the UK, USA, and Canada. If you are rural, like me, you may need to drive a little ways to attend one. Speed dating is growing in popularity.

Speed dating is something you definitely should try. Some people love it, while others try it only a few times. It’s great if you are shy or have been out of the dating pool for a while also. I’ve met some quality women I’ve dated, as well as a couple who have been good longterm non romantic friends (and who have introduced me to many of their female friends as well).

Remember that dating skills are important, certainly including in Speed Dating, and can be learned! You can learn from ordinary guys like me who have learned how to be good with women as well as the dating gurus who fit your style. Poke around this site for more.

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