International dating sites for meeting and dating foreign women

There are four ways to meet foreign woman which are covered below. For links that will help you with these methods, see happier abroad at

1. Find them here in the US
While this isn’t as good as finding a woman abroad, it’s the next best thing. It really isnt so hard to meet foreign woman in the US who are recent Arrivals or who at least grew up abroad.

2. Have her apply for a tourist visa to come see you
Recently, I’ve come across many Latina women who have been successful at getting US tourist visas approved. I’ve always  heard that in order for people in 3rd world countries to get tourist visas approved, they had to show money or assets (i. e. car, house, large bank account balance) or prove they had a highly professional job. The idea being, the ladies wouldn’t be the desperate type who would likely never return to their country. But none of these women I met had such things going for them. I learned that one of the biggest positive influences of getting a tourist visa approved was either 1) having traveled to several other countries, even if all the travel has been to other 3rd world countries of Latin America. I guess the idea is that if you have money and time to travel, you must not be the desperate type?  2) Saying you want to study in the US (even if for a short time). You would be expected to convince the interviewer that you REALLY do have an interest in studying whatever it is you claim to be studying (i. e. English language, or a subject related to your field of work or degree etc). None of them got visas approved by saying they wanted to visit an American boyfriend so don’t have them say that. I’ve also heard from some of the girls that the US government has gotten more flexible and easier with approving tourist visas,… at least with Latin Americans. I’m not sure about the other countries. And lastly, the ladies told me that it only took a month from application to tourist visa approval. That surprised me since we all know how slow governments move on things. So, this option is worth a shot, especially if she has any of the aformentioned things going for her. Still, her being able to prove that she has a descent chunk of savings and or large assets in her name, and her having a white collar job still seem to be  the strongest  factors that will most likely result in tourist visa approval. I haven’t really done much googling on the subject but you can probably find out much more than I’ve said here by googling the subject yourself. My most recent trip to Colombia was only $400 roundtrip on Spirit Air and 6 hours total flying time from Dallas. So it’s much easier to date women in most parts of Latin America than in Europe or Asia. (Though not all parts,… Brazil is a much longer flight at 11 hours total flying time!). Of course Mexico is super close too. One only needs to take 1 or 2 days off from work to have a great 3 full days and nights to get to know his prospective girlfriend or combine the days off with holidays to make the trip even longer. The point being, the average Joe Shmoe will have 2 weeks vacation time with his employer. If he uses 2 days at a time and combine it with weekends or holidays, that 2 weeks can easily turn into 7 trips abroad per year that he can use to go meet girls in Latin America and doing that he is likely to find a good match. But traveling to countries like the Philippines and Eastern Europe/Russia is a whole different story and it’s not feasible to take as many trips per year due to the distance and higher flight costs.

3. Use an Agency
Agencies are companies that will take care of you on your trip so you can relax and just be yourself without having to worry about the logistics of getting around and planning,  or where to go. This way you can focus on meeting the ladies. Thee introduction agencies can be a little expensive (Generally $2, 000 to $7, 000) but they are certainly are more convenient and will make your trip that much more enjoyable. They also provide translator services if necessary.  But be aware that not all international tour companies are the same. Some will actually pre screen the ladies and some do not. Pre screening helps ensure the ladies are seriously looking for a life partner and not just attending the tours for a free lunch or just to have fun or even scam you.  I know many guys who have successfully found their wives through this method and others who just got used by ladies who were only interested in being taken out to expensive dinners and drinks about town.  Ive also heard there are even agencies that are outright scams.  So, in essence,   do your research, look for client testimonials by googling the agency name for reviews to see what others who have used that agency have to say about their experience with them should you decide to go this route. As with most anything in life,   do your homework!

4. Join International dating sites
This has been my preferred route. I’ve tried most of the primary sites that are out there and my favorite for meeting filipinas is www. cherryblossoms. com. This site really gives you your money’s worth and is the easiest and most efficient to navigate and use. Although most woman on this site are filipinas, there are woman from other parts of the world on here too. Perhaps 80% of the female members are filipinas with the others coming from Russia, Latin America, and Europe. You can also find about 200 ladies who are filipinas now living in the US.
For meeting Latinas, I found

5. Take an extended vacation abroad, or go live there for a period of time
While most people probably cannot afford  to leave their job for extended periods of time, many can. If you have the resources (maybe $3, 000 to $6, 000 available to spend)  and you really want it bad enough, you can do it. This is certainly the best way to find that women of your dreams. There’s nothing like face to face encounters with many women to see which one is truly the best fit for you (and vice versa too). But be sure to brush up on some basics of the language of your chosen country. For example,  in Latin America, hardly anyone speaks English. It would be very difficult getting around or communicating with the ladies if you don’t speak the language. The Philippines is an exception as almost everyone there speaks English. And lastly, perhaps most importantly,  don’t worry about how the long job gap will look on your resume,   most perspective employers understand if you take some time off to travel  and won’t hold it against you. See below:
Travel – “Many people have a lifelong dream of taking a year off to travel the world.   If you actually had the fortune to be able to do this, do not worry about this gap in your employment history.    Explain what you learned while abroad when you resume your job search.   Emphasize new skills or abilities you have, such as new languages you can speak or cultural awareness you have gained.   Employers are often willing to hire someone who will be an asset to a company.   If you can show that you pursued a dream and did so in a responsible fashion,   this employment history gap is unlikely to hurt you.   You can even include a period abroad on your resume”. Source

6. CRUISES – A Gem of an idea that you can try.
There are certain cruise lines that cater to Latinos. (Primarily those from South Americans and Spain). One can be found here
Also keep in mind that these women are going to be very open to romance on a cruise compared  to if you met them on the streets of their country. They are usually on the ship with their families and having a great time. One simply cannot underestimate the effect this has on their mood for romance. You will also get to see her family which allows you to get an idea of who she really  is. In addition, her family being in a festive mood,   will more positively accept you too! These are powerful variables that work in your favor on cruises.

In addition, you don’t have to watch your back all the time like you sort of have to in 3rd world countries. You are not a walking target. You can hunt in relative safety. You can drink and not worry about being taken advantage of or robbed.

Upon perusing passenger U tube videos from all four ships of the Pullmantur line, I found one ship in particular that really stood out from the others. It’s the ship  Zenith. I noticed that Zenith seemed to have a far higher socio economic class of people compared to the crowds on the other Pullmantur ships. For reasons I cannot explain, there also seemed to be far more unhitched single ladies on the Zenith ship too. In addition, it seemed to me that there was far less obesity on the Zenith compared to what I saw on the other ships. The reason why the Zenith draws a higher class of people is that one must fly to Europe (Italy or Greece) in order to board the ship while the other ships board in South American countries. That extra travel step just serves to further refine the class of people you will find on this ship.

Here are a few videos that reflect the class of people and the type of women that are on these ships, not to mention the kind of atmosphere one can expect.

The Pullmantur Zenith  (more mature and sophisticated, more families, you might find your future wife on this type of cruise)
MSC Brazilian sailings/Carnavio  (Perhaps more of a party ship for  getting laid? The girls are so hot! Notice how 90% of the girls are thin vs any American cruise where 80% will be overweight? Just pick one, any one. You can’t go wrong. They are all models by American beauty standards)

AVOIDING SCAMMERS From my personal experience, it seems that 90% of foreign woman are truly sincere in their search for a husband. You may occasionally come across a scammer but these are easily avoidable if you know the warning signs to look out for.
A scammer will not chat you for every long without yoru sending money. If a woman asks for money (directly or indirectly) or for you to buy her a webcam etc, move on. No sincere genuine woman is going to ask for any kind of financial help early on. Most are shamed to even think of asking for that. Now, maybe months later after the relationship is established, an honorable girl might indiirectly hint that she needs a little help to cover her travel costs or internet time. And this is perfectly ok as long as it’s small amounts like $10-$15 once a month or so. Lastly, scammers will almost immediatley start out being affectionate and sweet right off the bat. An honorable sincere intentioned girl will be just like the girls here at home in that such feelings and words will take time to develop.

Lastly, while you are visiting her in her country, Do NOT take your dates out for expensive dinners or lavish her with expensive gifts! Any woman who wants this is a scammer. The truly sincere ones with any honorable intentions will try to discourage such lavishness. The woman who is interested in you as a man will be happy to go to her local restaurant and by your second or third date you should be invited to her home where she can show you her cooking skills. Ive seen far too many men ruin a good start to a authentic relationship by spoiling a girl by lavishing her with money and expensive gifts. When you allow this, she will unintentionally start thinking of you as her moneyko and not her honeyko. True love is difficult to blossom in such an environment. It takes the focus off of the relationship and onto money. Women need to be led in this regard and they need and want a man to take control of the relationship. These women respect men who can show they are not pushovers.

The best International dating advice I have come across comes from Mark Davis’s e-book at Eurodreamconnections. com
Statistically, only 3% of the men who write letters ever get on a plane and make the trip to see these women.

Mark writes…..
«In fact, we have coined a phrase in the industry for these men who write letters but never go on a trip. We call them ‘Keyboard Romeos’. It has much the same appeal as interactive web-cam porn – you get to communicate personally with a real woman who is beautiful. But this is not DATING! ”
What to Say in Your First Letter
There are three things you want to communicate in your first letter:

Introduce yourself

Tell them you are planning on traveling and attending the introduction events with the agency and may be in their city soon.
Let them know that you appreciated what they said in their profile and you would like to write to get to know them better prior to your trip.
Let me give you a sample letter (one I actually used as my template for first letters), and then we’ll talk about it:
Dear (first name): My name is Mark Davis and I live in Sacramento, California. I read your profile and genuinely appreciated what you wrote. Just to tell you a little about me; I have a good sense of humor, a high energy level, and a desire to make a positive contribution in this world. I’m an optimistic person. People sometimes ask if I’m always in a good mood. I am so grateful for my life and the wonderful things I get to do each day. I like my businesses and the people I get to work with. I plan on coming to Ukraine in December (2 months from now). It may be that we can meet then. Until we have a chance to meet, I would like to correspond with you. Let me know if you are interested in corresponding with me as well. Kind regards, Mark

Along with that letter I attached one picture of myself. So, what am I trying to accomplish with this letter? First, I am giving her a little bit of information about me, in the same way she did about her in her profile. It will also give her some things she can ask about in her letter back to me. Second, I have just set myself apart from all of the Keyboard Romeos by declaring that I am getting on a plane to meet these ladies in person. That alone puts you at the front of the line for her interest. Finally, I am asking if she would like to correspond with me. I never had one that did not respond positively, but it is always more gentlemanly to ask. And, including your photo also puts you on an even playing field with them – since you obviously got to see her photos.

What NOT to Say in Letters

Maybe even more important is what I did NOT say in my letters. I did not gush over her gorgeous photos or tell her I thought she looked hot. Try to save the complements on her physical appearance. That will also set you apart from every other guy who starts off by telling them how beautiful they are. It communicates that they are only interested in their looks and not who they are as a person. But, when she replies back to you and sends more pictures, you would be rude not to tell her how beautiful she looked in the photos; and thank her for sending them. But do it with grace and dignity, «Thank you for sending that special picture. You looked very beautiful in it.» You could add a specific complement about the way it made her eyes looked, or the special hair style or fashion she chose. You could tell her that you will print it out and save it. Just don’t talk dirty and tell her she has huge breasts that looked great in that outfit – or worse yet – ask her if she has any naked photos. Oy vey!

Please, for your own sake, use the concept of «Gentleman» in everything you do. It is about winning her heart and showing you are interested in long-term and serious relationships. You also don’t want to overdue the mush. Showing genuine interest in her by asking about her life and what she likes to do is enough to show you care. Until you have met in person and declared a relationship, you are really in no position to tell her you love her or think about her as being «the one». Be patient. Another thing you don’t want to do in any letter – or any conversation – is discuss money matters. And that goes both ways. You don’t want to talk about how rich you are – or that you are not rich. Some guys think they need to show off their wealthy lifestyles (or what they think the girl will be impressed with). What they don’t realize is how that turns them off. By talking about big houses, cars, cash or travel, you communicate that you are better than them and you’re somehow doing them a favor by taking them out of their filth and poverty. Jeez. . . is that arrogant or what? On the other hand, some guys feel like they have to «disclose» the fact that they aren’t super wealthy male models and must apologize for their lives. That’s another dead zone. You’re insulting the girl to say that you think she’s only interested in money or hard bodies And you make yourself look insecure.

You should also be weary if she asks for money. The only exception to this rule is once you have met and established a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship and you want to help her with some English classes or pay for visa costs; only then would it be appropriate. In general, they are looking to be romanced and to make a life with a good man. The money and the man’s body are not as important to them as love and kindness. Most of them have already had seasons of their lives when they had more money and seasons when they had less (by their standards). Typically, they see money as something that comes and goes, but the love of a good man can weather it all – and keep them warm at night. You might do well to adopt this attitude toward money. You just need to be able to provide for her. The fact that you are able to afford to make the trip is all the moneyinformation you need to communicate for now.

Learn from the Correspondence

I don’t need to say much here except to pay attention. Listen to what the girls are telling you about themselves, their lives, and their heart. Pay attention to how you respond. If something jumps out at you in a letter, think about why that is.