How does menopause affect the body sexually?

Menopause is perhaps the greatest physical change a woman faces in middle age. Menopause generally alters sexual response and even the physical structure of the vagina. The major changes with regards to sex that occur are thinning and shortening of the vaginal canal and decreased lubrication.

This is sometimes accompanied by a decrease in the size of the vagina. Fatty deposits found in the labia majora are lost causing a typically smaller vagina than in earlier life. The combination of reduced lubrication and a smaller vagina may make intercouse uncomfortable.

What can be done to counteract these changes?

Lubrication – the single best way to make sex more comfortable after menopause is the use of personal lubricants during sex. The most popular of these, KY-Jelly, is available in most pharmacies. Replacing the body’s natural lubrication can make sex as exciting and rewarding as it was before. The clitoris and other sexual organs are still sexually sensitive, and remain so throughout life.

Positive Thinking – Thinking positively about menopause is also important. Menopause is a meaningful time in a woman’s life which has some significant benefits. Pregnancy is no longer possible and many women feel that this decreases their level of anxiety during sex. They find themselves more relaxed so they enjoy the experience more. Abstaining from sex during menstruation (which so many couples unnecessarily do) are no longer issues in a woman’s life.

As a result many women find menopause to be quite a relief. The shrinkage in the size of the vagina may mean that more direct stimulation takes place. Lastly, a smaller vagina means more friction and closer contact with the nerves which produce sexual pleasure. Aging can create a new range of sensations as long as couples learn how to adapt.

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