How To Get The Girl – 10 Simple Steps

Learning how to get the girl you want is not as hard as you may think. Sure it seems tough right now, but once you take the right steps and position yourself in the best possible scenario to get her, then you will be surprised at how easy it can actually be.

There are some things that you will have to take a look at first in order to start in the right direction. Follow me and you will land the girl of your dreams in no time.

Step 1

Stop being the passive guy. Stop being the guy that says okay, what ever you want to do. Women want a take-charge kind of guy, not someone that they can walk all over. Let a girl know what you want and what you are looking for and most importantly – stick to your decision. Someone that wavers in their decisions will never really get what they want.

Step 2

Be confident. This I cannot reiterate enough. Confidence is key. If you are not confident enough in yourself it will show. Trust me, women can see it coming a mile away and more than likely will send you slinking away. Be confident in yourself, in the way you carry yourself and the way you speak. Confidence is attractive, but don’t get it confused with arrogance.

Step 3

Do a full body inventory. If you have put on some weight and could stand to lose a few pounds then hit the gym or start watching what you eat. While women can look past our physical appearances, it will make things easier when you first approach them if you are not looking like the marshmallow man.

Step 4

Clean out the closet. Still wearing that rayon shirt from the 90’s? Time to get rid of it. Start wearing clothes that are in style, not clothes that are now seen as retro. If you are feeling confused on what to buy, then pick up GQ magazine or any other men’s magazines and see what is in style today. More than likely you can visit your local mall and get some new duds for a night out.

Step 5

Work on your game. Getting the girl does not start when you walk up to her, no, no, no. It starts way before that. If you are not getting the girl, then there are probably holes or leaks in your game. Plug them up by practicing. If you have a hard time talking to begin with, then start at work and practice talking to the other females in your office. I am not saying to try and pick them up, I am saying start a conversation about the weather, the news, anything. Just get over your fear of talking to women.

Step 6

Work on the funny. Many women in a recent study said they are attracted to men with a sense of humor. I am not saying to start a stand up career, but if you can poke fun at yourself or tell a few jokes it will be well worth it. No woman wants to be with an uptight guy.

Step 7

Be a gentleman. Don’t be a pompous ass. Open doors for women when you are approaching a doorway, let women go ahead of you on the elevator, offer your seat on the bus or subway. Point is, you can be a nice guy and still get what you want.

Step 8

Keep up with current events. Nothing is worse than striking up a conversation with a woman and finding that you have nothing really to talk about. Keep up to date with things in the news to use as conversation pieces. Besides if she asks you what you think of the mortgage crisis and you don’t even know what mortgage means you may be in trouble.

Step 9

Watch the drinking. Don’t be that guy. You know which one I am talking about, the one that gets hammerered any time there is alcohol around. Then ends up hitting on every female and looking like a complete jerk. Watch your alcohol so you can watch your actions and make sure you are not looking like a drunken idiot.

Step 10

Practice your flirting. If you cannot flirt, you will have a hard time getting the girl. A sly wink here, a timely smile and some nice words will get you far. Don’t go over board and try cheesy lines, but rather more realistic compliments like you like the way her hair looks or the perfume that she has on.

Practicing is key to getting the girl. A lot of what you do when you are out may not come natural to you, which means you will have to practice to get better at it. Just like many athletes, singers and actors need to practice to get what they want, so will you to get what you want – the girl.

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