Dating Tips for Getting back in the Game after a Break Up

Getting back in the dating game after a break up may require more than a few really great dating tips. Tips like this don’t exactly grow on trees so be sure to take them to heart and use them wisely.

Don’t talk about your ex. No matter how long your previous relationship lasted or how long it’s been since you’ve broken up you do not want to bore the new person you’re going out with by chatting the night away about how wonderful, horrible, or completely and utterly adorable your ex is. This is about a new chapter in your life. If you haven’t closed the book on the last chapter it simply isn’t the right time to move on.

Avoid replacement dating. No matter how tempting it is to jump into a new relationship that picks up where you old relationship left off (physically, mentally, and emotionally) it’s a really bad idea. You can’t build the type of trust and love you need in a short amount of time to match the level of trust, love, and experience you had with your ex at this point in the relationship. There’s no point in trying to replace it with someone else no matter how much you miss it and want that type of connection back.

Look for fun and not a new relationship. Making fun and enjoyment your priority rather than finding a lover and mate will make a huge difference not only in how much you enjoy yourself while dating someone new but also in how much fun that person has when dating you. Focusing on the important things allows you to really be yourself, have a great time, and be a lot of fun for the person/people you go out with. If you happen to make a love match or find the right person for you that’s great. If not, you’ll find someone eventually. Leave the stress somewhere else.

Keep things light. The lighter the better for the first several dates. These dates are all about getting to know someone new. They aren’t about getting even with your ex, venting your hurt and anger, or even finding a new person to take the place of your ex. It’s about enjoying yourself with a new and different person. The sooner you understand this the better it will be for you and the people you go on dates with.