A Mens Guide on How to Attract Beautiful Women

A woman’s ideal man is tall, rich, and handsome. These three attributes is on the top of the lists of characteristics a woman looks for in a man. If you are not tall, rich, or handsome, don’t worry. Women rarely stick to the list especially when men have nice tricks up their sleeves.
Being tall, rich, and handsome at the same time is a feat that most men struggle with. However, this triad is not the only thing that makes up a man worthy of attention. You can always be a dream guy if you know the following facts on how to attract beautiful women.

Fact #1: Women want educated men.You don’t need to be a Harvard graduate, a lawyer, or an engineer to be called an educated man. So long as you can hold an interesting and intelligent conversation, you’ll be sure to grab her attention.

Fact #2: Women don’t like boring men.Like men, women also like adventurous men. Be unpredictable and fun. Surprise her and introduce her to new things. Always speak your mind and have a good sense of humor. Always make her smile.

Fact #3: Women are sentimental.Women remember all the little things. So, if she let slip her favorite food or color, make sure that you remember it. Women like men who give her attention and remember the things that make her happy.

Fact #4: Women like confident men.Women are attracted to men who are comfortable with who they are and what they can do. You don’t need to show a list of your assets and trophies to be confident. Just believe in yourself and be proud of the things that you have accomplished.

Fact #5: Women like gentlemen.Respect begets respect. Women like men who see them as a person and not a material asset. Women want men to acknowledge their wants, needs, accomplishments, and dreams. They want men who are supportive of what they do.

Women are more dependent on their feelings that on what they see. They are attracted to what a man is like than what a man looks like. They are easy to please so long as you stay true to yourself. Thoughtfulness and sincerity also go a long way. May these simple facts on how to attract beautiful women, help you understand how women think and help you break the common notion of an ideal man.