Women are 100% Sure of What They Want In Men

This Jurassic myth has been around for many, many decades and it appears that men are not coming close to figuring it out. Let me give you a hand: women are not 100% sure of what they want in men, the same way that men are not 100% certain what type of woman is ideal for them. To simplify things, imagine that a woman’s mind has three channels dedicated to sex, love and romance. The first channel is labeled «what I want in men,» while the second channel is labeled «what I don’t want in men.»

The third channel is labelled «reality.» Here’s the thing: women have two channels dedicated purely to what they think that want/don’t want in men. However, a third channel exists – reality – which is completely separate from the first two channels.
What does this mean?
This simply means that while it is true that women have a good idea as to a «perfect guy» may be like, women will still react to the present situation. In short, if there’s sufficient desire, sexual tension or motivation, a woman can choose to ignore the first two channels in favor of the third channel, which is reality.
Now, I know for a fact that many men complain that women are irrational.
Why? Because when they try to ask women what they want, all they get are vague answers and sometimes, even cold shoulders. The reason for this is that many men don’t understand that women like creativity, leadership and spontaneity.
Women want men who can be creative and can think for themselves when they are with a woman. Women hate men who are always looking for shortcuts when it comes to pleasing their ladies. This type of behavior is boring and to a degree, insulting, because it makes women feel that they’re not worth your time and effort.

If men want to feel valued and important, why wouldn’t women feel the same way? There is no confusion – men have got it wrong all these years!

To recap: your lovely date may have an ideal man in mind, but she will be willing to ignore her idea of the ideal man if you show her that you’re worth her time and energy. Write that down and review it daily until it becomes second nature to you!
Intimacy and Dating Should Be The Equal Responsibility of Both Parties – This is a complex, modern myth that came about around the time that gender politics began its relentless movement in popular culture. The idea of gender equality, where it is applicable, has changed modern dating culture, too.
What is this myth about?
The core of this myth is quite simple – women should try to be seductive, flirtatious and should also bear the brunt of pursuing men, too. If men are doing it, so should women. That’s the myth – and here’s why it’s a myth:
When you set out to seduce someone, it’s you who needs something from women and not the other way around.
You want some action tonight? That’s alright – if you’re willing to put in the work necessary to make it happen. Some men seem to think that women should also be ready to seduce cute guys whenever they can to even the playing field.
Pursuing an attractive woman, talking to her and dating her are all signs of emotional maturity.

Because you know that there’s a chance that things will not go as planned and you’re okay with that. Inversely, if a man thinks that a woman should also lead and seduce during a date, then that’s a sign that someone surely has some more growing up to do!

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