The Easy Way To Start Talking To Women

Start noticing the opportunities around you to talk to hot girls — and follow these steps to start taking them!
Today you’ll learn how to go from SEEING a hot women to actually APPROACHING her.
Here’s an email we recently received:
Dear Ron and David, It seems like I’m always seeing chances to talk to hot girls, but I just can’t seem to do it, even though I feel like I have a pretty good idea of what I might say, from the stuff I’ve learned from your book and CDs. Sincerely, Amateur Joe.

Dear Joe,
Let’s look at how you can go from”seeing an opportunity”to”taking an opportunity.”
Notice the opportunity you could have taken.
It’s important to at least _notice_ whatever opportunity you are walking away from. This is an important step toward actually _taking_ the opportunity.
Don’t beat yourself up about not taking the opportunity.
This is crucial. What most guys do the moment they see an opportunity with a woman that they didn’t take, they start beating themselves up. “I really screwed that up! Why don’t I have any balls?! I suck!”
They punish themselves for the opportunity they”missed.”Think about your interactions with women: have you ever done this?
When you punish yourself for not taking opportunities with women, you are trying to motivate yourself to take action. The problem is, beating yourself up to get yourself to take action really doesn’t work, _especially_ in the world of women.
And it gets worse.
Beating yourself up about opportunities you don’t take actually makes it _harder_ for you to take opportunities in the future, because you connect so much pain to the entire thing.
You won’t even see opportunities in the future, because the whole thing hurts too much. The bottom line is, we wish beating yourself up worked, but it really doesn’t. You have to give it up.
Celebrate the victory of what you did do.
It’s also critical that you celebrate the victory of what you did actually do. Did you talk to her at all? Feel good about it.
Did you put yourself into a situation where you could have interacted with a hot woman, even if you didn’t interact with her? Feel good about having put yourself in that situation.
Find something to feel good about, and feel good about it.
Imagine in your head what the next step could have been with this woman.
Once you are not feeling bad about yourself — and are even feeling good — you should spend a little time going over what you _could_ have said to the woman you did not approach.
Did you simply need to say “hi”?
What about her could you have asked “What’s the story behind that?”
What sort of Romantic Questions could you have asked her?
What genuine compliment could you have given her, perhaps after asking “What’s the story behind that,” which would have shown your romantic interest?
What one or two Flirting Moves could you have done?
Imagine yourself doing them, and it going great.
What could you have flirted about?
Get closer to taking the opportunity, or actually take it next time.
The path from seeing an opportunity to taking that opportunity runs directly through these steps.

If you want to become a guy who”just finds himself”taking opportunities, you must be willing to go through a spell of seeing those opportunities without taking them, WITHOUT THEN BEATING YOURSELF UP, and while feeling good about what you did do.
Then you must imagine what you might have done, without regret or upset. Seeing opportunities and not taking them is part of learning to take opportunities — but ONLY if you don’t mess things up by beating yourself senseless about it.
You can start practicing this on your own right away — and we suggest you do.
No matter what you do, start noticing the opportunities around you — and follow these steps to start actually taking them!

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