Confidence With Women

Learn how to overcome shyness with women with these secrets for guys not having the guts to talk to beautiful women.
Let me tell you a story. As you read this story, realize that it’s important to you because it shows that if I, the shyest guy in the world, can transform myself and have confidence with beautiful women, then anyone can.

If you know my history, one of my major problems was having confidence to talk to women at all, let alone beautiful women. They intimidated me. Here’s an example that will demonstrate just how bad it was for me. Try hard not to laugh, will ya?
The first woman I ever approached was a woman at a coffee shop when I was 23 and in graduate school. I knew I couldn’t count on myself to generate any meaningful conversation so I downloaded off the Internet a”hypnotic”poem that was supposed to make a woman lust after you if you just read her this poem.

Here was my deal — I told her that I had written a poem for another woman and I wanted to get her opinion on it so I was wondering if I could read it to her. As I said each thing, my tongue became twisted up in my mouth as I choked out the words despite rehearsing this for hours on end earlier.

So she pops out from behind the counter and proceeds to sit down with me. As I take the dog-eared poem from my pocket, my mind is racing with thoughts and it is threatening to shut down on me. It’s an all out war with my internal voice chattering negative garbage and my palms are sweating and my heart is thumping hard in my chest.

I swallow hard and begin reading this so called hypnotic poem to her. I blow through the poem, skipping over words, and just trying not to faint because here I was talking to a real life, beautiful woman! Well, I finally finish the poem and reluctantly ask her what she thought.
She dared say that she liked it and she thought that “the nervousness was cute”. But as soon as she said that, she made a beeline exit to go back to work without so much as looking at me once or talking to me again. In the end, I concluded that it was obviously a good-hearted comment from her to prevent me from collapsing from nervousness as she knew that my confidence was so very fragile.
Fast forward years later. With ice water in my veins, I’m able to approach and talk to any beautiful woman that I choose.

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