50 sex mistakes men do

Here are a few blunders that even the most experienced men make in bed. Read carefully and try not to commit them yourself!

1- Skip the foreplay and go straight to penetration. Apart from being immature, it is a instant turnoff for women.

2 – Kissing too hard. Passion is good, but do not forget that women like gentle stimulation too. Do not forget that kissing is an art.

3- Touching erogenous zones impatiently. Remember that the female erogenous zones are more complex than the male.

4-The whole female body is an erogenous zone . All gentle touching is welcome. Ladies: do not forget to touch his body and caresses your skin too.

5- Do not see the body as a whole. Focussing only on certain parts of the female body, as is common with breasts for example. Learn to touch her breasts properly, and do not forget that there is more body at the front and behind to play with.

6 – Biting hard. You maythink that it’s sexy, but you are wrong. Hard biting, especially in the earlobe, is painful.

7 – Leaving marks on her neck. It’s immature.

8 – Not shaving. This does not apply in all cases because some women find beards attractive. However, remember to keep the proper length, as these hairs sting and interfere in the sexual romp.

9 – Poor hygiene . Take a shower before sex. The genitals are an area which, by its nature, tends to accumulate a lot of heat that can generate an unpleasant odour.

10 – Being too comfortable. Belching, breaking wind and cursing in front of her will stifle the mood.

11- Put your hand in her underwear before she’s ready.

12 – Leaving the condom on the floor after sex. Take a tissue or toilet paper, wrap it around and throw it away in the trash.

13 – Touching the clitoris first. Play with areas around the clitoris. Increase the pleasure and then stimulate her clit.

14 – Stopping too soon. If you stop when she most enjoys, will cause a dip in libido.

15- Undress awkwardly. Concentrate as you take your clothes off. Don’t stop to kiss her.

16 – Taking your clothes off in a rush. Remember you’re not alone. Someone in front of you is watching you and if you’re inexperienced it gives a bad impression. Remove your clothes one piece at a time.

17 – Insist on her being shaved. This is a matter for each woman to decide.

18 – Inserting your fingers into her vagina before she is ready. This can be painful if she is not yet lubricated. Start gently patting around the vagina to lubricate her.

19- Trying to turn her on when she is not interested. You must learn to read the signs .

20- Not wanting to help. Sometimes you try something and you’re embarrassed. Let your girl guide you a bit. They like to help too.

21- Making her feel like a sex object. If you force positions, or change your position just because you want to, you will make you feel bad. She is there to receive pleasure too – not just give it to you.

22- Penetrating hard from the start. Start gently and lubricate the area better. Let both of you set the pace.

23-Reaching orgasm quickly . Ejaculating makes men feel that sex is over, even if it isn’t for your girl. Ejaculating prematurely decreases the chances that she reaches orgasm.

24- Losing erection in the middle of the act. Some men find it happens when you put the condom on. With a little practice, you can avoid losing an erection while putting on the condom.

25- Ignoring your woman after sex. After sex is a very important part. Pay attention to your wife, ask if she liked it and say something nice.

26- Nor giving oral sex, even though she asked for it. Oral sex is very pleasurable for women, do not be mean and do it to her. If you do not like the smell or taste, ask her to shower before or use some foods like whipped cream, ice cream, chocolate, etc… There is no excuse!

27 – Forcing her to give you oral sex. You can tell that you would like a bit of oral sex, but not coerce her to do so.

28- Forcing her head while she performs oral sex. This does not make them feel good. Caress her breasts, face, or hold the hair.

29 – Ejaculate in her mouth without asking. The semen is not a delicacy and many women find it disgusting. Ask them before.

30- Believing that porn is real and that everything that happens there can happen exactly the same in reality. Reality is very different. You are not actors.

31- Making a porn film without asking. Men like porn a lot, but you’re are not going to masturbate. You will have sex with someone else, so we also should consider the likes of that other person.

32 – Complaining and apologizing for the size of your penis. They do not care how big or small you are. Learn it!

33 – Saying that you had better lovers. If she asks that this was the sex compared to past relationships, you always have to say it was better. She must always believe that she is the best in your bed. If you say otherwise, you may be being honest, but you will make her feel bad and have jealous and sleepless nights.

34- Proposing a threesome with another woman. She’ll think that she’s not satisfying you. If you want a trio, she will expect you to have one of those intimate conversations.

35- Letting her do all the work. Do your part. Make you’re seeking ways to pleasure her.

36- Trying to penetrate the anus “accidentally.” Women always know that little miscalculation is done on purpose.. If you want to practice anal sex, ask your girl and make the decision together. At the end of the day, it is her body and you must respect it.

37- Making videos of sexual intercourse without consent . Some women are very inhibited and a camera would only increase this inhibition, which will cause her to enjoy sex less.

38- Taking sex for granted and falling into a sexual routine. A good lover is always ready to use their imagination and innovate in bed. He also knows that to be a good lover he always has to worry about what his girlfriend wants and not assume that it’s all about his orgasm.

39- Losing romance. All carnal knowledge can benefit from a bit of romance. Dim light, a candle, a few glasses of wine, soft music or a sweet-smelling incense, can give you the romance you want.

40- Being too rough with spanking. Give a soft and delicate hit to test to see their reaction. If she liked it, you can continue, but remember that should never be hard.

41- Trying to recreate the pornographic movie you saw. Be yourself and she will feel more satisfied than just reworking a pornographic movie.

42- Playing with her too quickly. If she is still not very excited or does not like to be touched in that area, this can be a real mistake, because you kill all the passion and you’ll feel uncomfortable.

43- Talking very hard or very hard blow in the ear. The whispers and mild shortness of breath and often very erotic, but if you go over the line will provoke the opposite.

44- Using a language out of place. The language is often a tool in sex. A word can bring a spicy helping of excitement, but step over the limit and it’s not usually very good.

45 – Lie down on her with all the weight of your body. You’re going to suffocate her – and that’s an instant turnoff.

46 – Putting semen all over her body. It can be exciting, but some women are very reserved and may not like it. Ask permission before.

47- Being quiet after sex. After sex, make her feel special. She will thank you. A hug costs nothing and you too will feel good too.

48- Not cleaning up after sex. Cleaning up the mess speaks well of you and women love it.

49- Falling asleep while she talks to you after sex. Men get sleepy, but girls do not and are eager to talk. So find the balance and be a gentleman. Do not sleep if she talks to you. Keep in mind your manners and if you feel that sleep overcomes you at least tell them.

50 – Criticising her body or her movements in bed. Nobody is perfect and this is not the time to tell her what you do not like.

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