Flirting Tips for Guys – How to Make A Woman Become Attracted to You

Close your eyes and remember a time when you were at a bar or a nightclub and you found yourself drawn to one woman in particular.kazakhstan call girls
She was beautiful, sexy, everything that you had been hoping to find. Now, picture yourself being able to walk on over to her and get her interested in you in just a matter of moments. How good would it feel to have those kinds of flirting skills? Probably sounds a bit unrealistic doesn’t it? Well, it does not have to be so unrealistic. It can actually be the way that things turn out for you.

Do you want to make women attracted to you? These follow these flirting tips and it should happen:

  1. If and when you do open a conversation with a woman, choose not to use a lame pick up line.
    No matter what, you are going to have to use an opener. And an opener can just as easily be called a pick up line. The thing is, there are openers that work and then there are ones that sound like you have no idea on what to say to a woman and you are really pulling out the lamest thing that you can think of. That’s what you want to avoid when you are flirting with a woman. You want to avoid things that sound like you memorized them or things that are obvious lines to try and get in her pants.
  2. It’s good to flatter a woman, just not so much that it seems like you are sucking up to her.
    If she is attractive in any way at all, then she is probably used to having guys suck up to her. Almost all women,   even the unattractive ones get guys who suck up to them. After a bit,   whatever  feelings that she may have had die off really quickly. It becomes too contrived and too obvious that the guy will say just about anything. It’s shallow. Flattery, compliments, they are best used in small doses. They work way better when you are actually pointing out something that is worth a compliment.
  3. Conversation gets things started, physical touch takes things to the NEXT level with her.
    Look, you can talk to a woman all day long and make her feel some attraction towards you. That does not guarantee that she is going to feel sexually attracted to you. It does not guarantee that she is going to want to date you. The only way to get close to the guarantee that she will see you as a man she wants to be with as more than just a guy to talk to is to take things to the next level. And this is what physical touch will do for you. Be careful, because if you touch her the wrong way… you end up looking like a pervert or a creep.

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