Female Seduction Secrets – How to Seduce a Woman Properly

Female seduction is thought to be something that most guys can never really get into, as if you have to be cut from a certain mold in order to understand what works to effectively seduce a woman. Truth is, any guy can learn how to seduce a woman as long as he is open to challenging his beliefs about himself and what women really are attracted to sexually. See, most guys believe in the long standing idea that they have to be a virtual Prince Charming in order to seduce a woman and that just is not the case.

Here’s how to seduce a woman properly:

  1. Never start off as if the only thing on your mind is trying to get a woman into bed.
    This is not so much about deception as it is starting off with the right frame of mind. You have to behave like a guy who knows he can get laid, not as a guy who hopes that it happens. When you hope that it happens, it is apparent to everyone around you that this is all you are trying to do. And that is a complete turn off to all but the most sexually liberated of women. You have to approach seduction with the mindset that you already know that you can get laid. It makes EVERYTHING so much easier.
  2. You need to build up her attraction for you, the way that a roller coaster climbs up before dropping down. One thing that I see all too often is that guys start off way too fast, trying to get a woman into bed as quickly as they can and they usually end up blowing it. Much like a roller coaster makes a steady and gradual climb before it drops down and things really become fun, you have to build up a woman’s attraction towards you before you try and make a night of it.
  3. She needs to feel that you are a true alpha male.
    When most guys hear the term, alpha male, they think of cockiness and arrogance, when it really should invoke confidence and leadership. When a woman is around a real alpha male, she responds the way that a woman naturally would with sexual attraction. When you try too hard to come off like an alpha male, or you are not alpha male enough, then she is not going to respond with sexual attraction which makes seducing her almost impossible.

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