Approaching Women – In The Street

Approaching women in the street for most guys can seem a little tricky. Most guys believe that they can’t approach women on the street because the women will be in a hurry to get somewhere and does not have the time to stop and talk to them. In some cases this is true but in most cases it is not. I know I talk about this quiet a lot but if you are going to start approaching women on the street you need to have a high level of confidence.
Personally I like approaching women on the street it is a great way to meet women; it is a lot easier than meeting girls in a in a bar or club.  When you are at a bar or a club women walk in with their defensive shield up, with good reason I might add. Women know that they are going to be hit on by guys when they go out to a bar or club, even if they want to meet a guy that night, they are going to have a lot of guys they are not interested in try and pick them up. They normally have their friends with them as well so not only do you have to win her over but win her friends as well. If you approach a girl in the street in the day chances are she will be by herself, which will be a lot easier to open a conversation with.
For those who know me or have been a past client you will know I am all about outcomes. When I am approaching women in the day my outcome is to walk away with an email address or phone number. Some guys will tell you that you should get an instant date i.e. go for a coffee; personally i think that if you meet a girl on her lunch break, she might have 20mins to go out and get something to eat and get back to the office. If you ask her for a coffee and she says she can’t then you have to back track and go for a phone number, getting her number or email address you can organize a time that you are both free. If you are going to try and get an instant date, have somewhere very close in mind, because if she says yes and you stand there saying well we could go here, or we could go there you will come across as indecisive a turn off for any women and you will never get in her pants.
There are two ways to approach women in the street, you can open a conversation with a direct opener or you can use a situational open but dont try and impress her. Also dont use pick up lines.
Direct opener: Ok you have seen a girl you would like to meet if you want a direct opener you can go with “Hey I couldn’t let someone as beautiful as you just walk away without saying hi.” , can’t get much more direct than that.  If she reacts appropriately, introduce yourself, and then follow up with “I would really like to get to know you better but I am pushed for time at the moment and I can see you are busy as well do you have email?” You see this is a loaded question of course she has email. When she says yes you say “Write it down for me”, make sure you have a pen on you if you say this though. You can do the same thing with her number, the good thing about getting her number is you or she can type it straight into your phone. If she won’t give you her email or number and says “You give me yours” It’s up to you what you do from here. Personally I don’t give me email or phone number out before I get hers, if she won’t give me hers I won’t either. I’m not saying you should do this to if she won’t give you her number you can give her yours just don’t hold your breath on her calling.
Situational Opener: These will work great if you are in a town or country you are not from. Simply ask her “Hey I am not from around here, can you tell me a great place to get a coffee” or whatever its not important.  In my experience she will either do one of two things, She will either tell you were to get your coffee or she will ask you where you are from. If she asks where you are from have a quick chat with her find out some more details about the city, then tell her you are off to get your coffee before you go say something like “Well its been great talking to you, we should catch up for a drink while I am in town what’s your number” Not can I have your number or may I have your number. Some will tell you that you should ask her to come along, personally I don’t and it works fine for me, if you want to ask her along that’s fine, I have used this opener many times in my travels and have had girls say to me I will walk you there in that case I will have a coffee with her then get her phone number.
Don’t be scared to approach women in the day, women don’t bite unless you use pick up lines.  When approaching women in the day remember you need to be confident and respectful and and pay attention to her eyes.  Just be yourself and look your best always so you will be prepared for the unexpected.  You don’t want to be looking like a bum when you find that one girl that catches your eye.  Always look presentable and groom yourself.  These are important aspects in a man, if you can show that you can take care of yourself, they will know that you can take care of them as well.
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