5 Things Guys Instantly Notice About You

restaurant or in your cousins wedding wherever you are there is a potential for hooking up and you see this hot guy from across the room. Being the confident girl who you are, you tried to catch his gaze and show off your sultry and intense gaze. I mean, you were able to practice this, right?

Awesome! You were able to get his attention! There, hes already given you a look. His eyes slide all over you, but then his eyes slid past you and he turned back! What happened? Did you suddenly turn into a man-eating zombie? Whyd he turn back?

Guys instantly notice 5 things when they spot a girl theyre interested in. Wouldnt you want to know exactly what he instantly noticed upon seeing you? Here are the 5 things, honey. Take your pick.

Your smile

Guys are able to detect if youre showing off a sincere smile or a fake one. When they see that your eyes crinkle a bit when you smile, you can come off as a natural and fun girl to be with. This kind of genuine smile makes them want to approach you more. Were you giving a fake smile or worse no smile at all?

Your glow

Nope, Im not saying the spotlight should be on you literally. Im not saying that you should hang glow sticks around your neck either. This one is associated with your mental health. That wasnt a typo. Yes, mental health. When youre not used to dealing with stress and anxiety, you always have poor skin complexion. Were you giving off a dull skin vibe?

Your fake accessories

We as girls dont mind when our friends use other…accessories for their beauty maintenance. Come on, beauty is a sacrifice, isnt it? Fake eyelashes and artificial hair extensions are okay. For guys, though, these things scream high maintenance! so they try to stay away. Were you wearing fake eyelashes during your sultry gaze?

Your group size

Most guys are generally intimidated to approach such a big group. (Its so hard for me with all of her friends with her…)
They also wouldnt want to go to you if you only have one friend with you, right? (She might get guilty for leaving her friend to stay with me…)
Theyd also find it weird if youre just there all alone! (Is she weird? Whys she there all by herself?)
The best is to have two friends. That way, when you go talk to him, your two friends can also entertain each other not in that way!

Your hair

Guys are drawn to lush and radiant locks. Blame it all on the process of evolution ever since the ancient caveman days, healthy hair has always been an indication of attractiveness by men. Have sexy hair and hell be drawn to you.

So, were you able to take your pick? Do you now know what scared him away? What do YOU think about these five things?