Why Being Yourself is Important in Meeting Girls

There are so many guys who are still struggling with meeting girls. It seems like no matter what they do, they always end up either getting ignored or rejected.
What could be the problem when they have followed every single tip on the book?
If you are one of these guys, that’s exactly the problem.
You have become so desperate to find a woman that you have blindly followed every single dating guide you have read. You’ve studied and immersed yourself in these how-tos that you forgot the most important tip in dating: being yourself.
Remember that all the advice and guides will not help if you forgot who you are. These things can only do so much. They can only improve you. They can enhance your appearance and your personality, but they can never make you a certain man. You still need to have a sense of who you are.
There are lots of guys who want to become an alpha male so much that they emulate all the alpha guys they know. They read articles and manuals carefully and execute all the things mentioned there. They forget to integrate it to their personality. They fail to blend it to their existing set of characteristics that they become a poser.
When the moment comes and they had to execute everything they learn, it comes out as fake. Girls will sense this. They will know if you are just trying to put on a show. And since women don’t like men who try to be other than who they really are, these guys get the rejection speech.
So never forget to be yourself. You will not get girls to like you for being another person. Being yourself is extremely important because that way, you won’t have to put up any appearance or lie about certain stuff. Pretending to be someone else can be tiring because you will constantly have to be on guard and keep tabs of all the little lies you have made.

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