What to Do After the First Date—Should You Call Her or Not?

What do you do after the first date?
Or the more important question is what should you not do after the first date?
A lot of guys think that getting a girl to go out with them the first time is the end of the road. It’s not true. You haven’t even scratched the surface. Don’t rejoice just yet because it doesn’t mean you have her hooked already.
What happens after the first date is what matters. Will you be able to score another date with her? This is the question you should be asking yourself.
Most guys who were successful with women know what to do after the first date. They know the things to do and mistakes to avoid to make girls look forward to going out with them.
Just because she said ‘yes’ the first time doesn’t mean she’s really interested in being in a relationship with you. A lot of women today don’t take first dates very seriously. Most of them use it as a way of gauging if a particular guy is worthy of spending more time with. They base their decision to continue seeing a guy on what happens right after the first time they went out.
This means you have to be very careful of your actions after your first date. The period between the time you’ve taken her home and the next time you bump into each other again is critical to the future of your budding relationship.
Don’t call her right away.
If you say you want to call her because you want to thank and tell her how much you enjoyed the date, you’re committing a grave mistake. The downside to this move is that you look desperate; you’re seeking her approval. It should be her who’s doing the calling!
You’ll know if she’s interested when she calls you. Usually, girls will call within three days. And when she does, you’ll know exactly where you stand and what your next move would be.
The danger with calling first is that you can get rejected pointblank. So whatever you do, don’t call right after the first date. Unless you told her you’ll call, because, obviously, you have to live up to your word.
However, there are some cases where guys can call after waiting for several days. It’s possible that the girl is just too shy to call and they’re just waiting for the guy to make the first move. It’s important to remember that this isn’t the case most of the times.
But since times have changed and women have become more comfortable in taking the bull by the horn, so to speak, you’ll know who’s interested in getting to know you because she will eventually call. Maybe not right after the first date, but she’ll call.
There are instances where they don’t call, and you want to talk to her badly to setup the second date. But you are not sure if she’s going to be receptive about it. During these times, it’s best to wait 2 to 3 days, which is what most dating gurus advise, before you pick up the phone.
Before you dial her number, you should think about how your date went. Did she seem to enjoy it? Did it go well? Were there really good moments when the two of you shared a connection?
Consider these things before calling her up to ask for another date. If you know that everything went smoothly the first time, you have better chances of taking her out again. Don’t just pop the question without thinking back to the first time you went out. Common sense, obviously, is needed.
While on the phone…
Don’t sound too enthusiastic, but don’t be lifeless either. Just have a normal tone and be relaxed. Keep yourself from blabbering too much because it’s a sign of nervousness. She’ll pick it up right away and may get turned off.
Say ‘hi’ and ask how she’s been. Tell her briefly how you enjoyed your date. Avoid saying stuff like “I really think I’ve found the one” or “I feel like we were meant to find each other” because that would really scare her. It’s too soon to say stuff like that. You can’t seriously be in love or know that she’s the one destined for you after one date, right?
You will not get another date if you say stuff like this. Just make it simple and ask if she wants to grab a burger or have coffee or have dinner in the next day or so. Keeping it casual will take away any pressure from the both of you.
What if she doesn’t pick up the phone or take your call?
If she doesn’t call, there are two probable reasons: she’s interested but is waiting for you to make the first move or she really isn’t interested at all.
You will instinctively know which of the two applies to your date. Going back to what was said earlier, think about your date and how it went to assess what she’s thinking right now.
Learn how to take a hint. This is one really helpful skill to have. If after several days she hasn’t initiated contact, pick up the phone. If she picks up and sounds delighted to hear from you, there’s a chance for a second date. But if her answering machine is all you hear or she tells you she’s in a meeting or talking to a boss, or gives you some excuse to not talk to you, drop it. She doesn’t want to have anything to do with you.
Move on to the next girl.
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