Is it possible to do erotic massage at home?

Nowadays, the number of professional massage studios that provide erotic massage grows very fast. The reason is simple – this service is popular as an option to fight sexual boredom and find new sexual inspiration. Some people try it at home, while the other use services of professional studios. Like and others. Professional services are better because they guarantee a high final result.

Making erotic massage at home

Erotic massage tradition consists of both knowledge and experience. Thereby, it is important to learn more about it and them to practice a lot. First, use natural cream or special oil to make stroking better. A strong smell can interfere, so pay attention to what oil you use. As for aromatic oils, such smells can be ideal smells for excitement:

  • Orange and patchouli
  • Cinnamon and bergamot
  • Jasmine and iris
  • Tuberose and ylang-ylang.

The “object” of the massage should be in a relaxed state. An aromatic bath before the procedure can help to relax and to prepare. In our studio, we have a type of massage called shower massage. Such procedure starts with a 10-minute shower to inspire a person.

Technique and intensity

The intensity of movements should grow gradually. It is worth starting with gentle circular caressing touches, later moving on to warming up. In the end, the stroking can be energetic. Among other movements used in erotic massage are vibration, finger massage with nails or pads, hot breath massage. Special art is the body massage, the type of erotic massage.