Geisha secrets will make your sexual partner’s life exciting

If you’re struggling to please your sexual partner, you’re bound to try something special. What about trying Geisha secrets? This ancient sexual technique hasn’t lost its efficiency yet, so you can still effectively make use of it.

Make your best Valentine’s Day with Geisha secrets

Bringing a man to ecstasy with just one look – that’s what Japanese geishas are known for. In their rich arsenal, there’re many ways to remain the best priestess of love for your man. We’d like to kindly share these secrets with you.

  • First, you require arranging the candles in the room in advance. Ensure you have enough massage oil or a hypoallergenic lubricant. It makes sense to visit PlayPornoGames to learn more intimate secrets.
  • Begin with a classic massage of his head, back, chest and legs to have your partner completely relaxed.
  • Having heated your hands, take a large amount of lubricant and get down to massaging the inner surface of his thighs, playfully touching the scrotum in the process.
  • Then, you should have the testicles massaged with soft circular motions, slightly pulling the scrotum down from time to time. Don’t do this longer than 4 minutes.
  • Making patting motions with your fingers, you require moving from the base of the scrotum to the glans of his From the base of the penis, you need to run your hand along the shaft (squeezing the hand tightly), making scrolling movements around the glans.

Just leave the most delicious stuff for dessert. Let your romantic relationship be full of new impressions, joy and certainly love!

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