Online Dating: 5 Tips for Women

Online dating is one of the advantages that modern technologies provide for us, and lots of people have used it already. However, achieving success in the field may be challenging, and that is why we have prepared 5 tips that will simplify things for women.

Tip #1: Create a great profile

There are lots of online dating websites and apps that you can use, and all of them allow you to give some basic information about you, including your photos. Usually, you need to fill out fields with the required information and add a short description. If you are not sure what to write about, you can check out profiles of other users and use them as a sample. As for the photo, it should be of high-quality, but it should be recent.

Tip #2: Create short messages

Usually, men send shorter messages than women, and, moreover, they may not even bother with going through your profile before texting you. You should avoid keeping your messages too long. The best way to do is to send a sentence and finish your message with a question, for instance, “I’m a doctor, and what do you do?”

Tip #3: Do not expect quick results

It may be discouraging to spend weeks dating online with no result; however, it does not mean that something goes wrong. Finding the right partner takes time and lots of work. You may not have many messages or have had several unsuccessful dates, but this still allows you to get some experience and improve your dating skills. You should be patient because it is like finding a new job when you have to fill out various online applications, go to interviews, etc.

Tip #4: Keep him interested

You should be a precious prize for him, which means that the guy should be excited about meeting you. You should spend minimal effort to go on the first meeting with him, for instance, you can choose a café located close to your home, but you should not let him know your address right away. The same rule is for your phone number — you should not give it to every guy who asks for it. If a man refuses to drive to get to you, you should be looking for someone else.

Tip #5: Do not trust pictures

People always choose the best pictures for profiles, but reality may be a bit different, and this is what you should be ready for. Men may post 10-year old pictures because they are embarrassed to choose their recent pictures where they carry excess weight or something like that. On the other hand, the real person may be much better than his picture because a man may be not that good at choosing the best photos of him. That is why you should not really pay too much attention to his photos because they may differ from a real person, and you should focus on the profile information.

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